Image Suggestions and Ideas

We think of our service as a tool to create personalized home decor, but that's really just the start of course. The are all types of possibilities from the type of photo to what you do with your new image, since you'll receive the original jpeg files. Below we'll include ideas and thought how our service can be used.

  • Scan old B&W photos
    (just make, the chosen effect has the B&W icon)
  • Christmas Cards
  • School Projects
  • Family Reunions
    (a different color variation for each member)

One of the most interesting subjects, in the world of giclee prints, is the ability to customize them after printing whether it's glitter, texture or something even more radical. While this topic is not directly related to our services, and our coverage is not an in-depth look, we've put this page together for an introductory glimpse.

Embellisment choices...

  • gold leaf - yes, with a little imagination
  • texture - there are several products for just this purpose
  • tracing - pencils, acrylics, chalk, you name it (just not oils)
  • paint over - a new twist on paint by numbers
  • glitter - sparkle away
  • gem stones - why not

Well, you get the idea, so we've searched YouTube to inspire you, and after, get going!

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