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A modern acrylic effect that can be used for many types of photos and works especially well for portraits or other photos where the subject is bold and prominent.

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standard = jpeg files only
pro = standard + tif master

You are not ordering a print, you are commissioning an "Art Effect" to be applied to your image. We require a large degree of "Artistic License", leeway. We may crop, adjust, enlarge or otherwise manipulate your image due to the variability of images sent to us and specific needs of a given effect, both technical and aesthetic.


* Rush Orders are not a date guarantee. Rush Orders reduce delivery by 2-3 days on average. Typical delivery times are 7-10 business days. Rush orders are put into the top of our queue as received.

** Crop selection cannot be guaranteed due to image and effect requirments. We always try to fulfill your request but cropping options have many limiting factors beyond our control.

You will receive image files (jpeg) that you can use wherever and however you wish. Downloads & Print Ordering are available from your temporary gallery. We will email you once your new images and gallery are ready. You own the rights and may use the images commercially, assuming you own the rights to the original photo.

Your gallery will be availble for 60 days to give you time to download the entire gallery or just the images you wish to keep. Your gallery will include color variations of your effect as a bonus with no extra charge, as well as a free effect, our choice. After 60 days, your gallery is permenantly deleted and not recoverable, please complete downloads within 60 days as we do not keep back-ups due to our privacy policy.

During the 60 day period, you can also order Fine Art Giclee prints from your gallery. We also offer giclee canvass prints. All prints are provided by Richard Photo Lab, offering only high end print services. Using other print services is easily acheived since you must download your files for permenant storage.

Images are usually cropped to a 2:3 (4:6) ratio, vs a 5:7 ratio, to accommodate a wider selection of standard print sizes, unless "square crop" is selected. Dimensions will usually be 3700px x 2466px for "portrait" and "landscape" images (a bit over 4K resolution), or 3700px x 3700px for "square" images, set to 300ppi (8.223in x 12.333in).

If you anticipate ordering poster sized prints, our sizing allows you to produce prints at a standard "bedroom quality" poster resolution of 80ppi sized up to 30.838in x 46.25in. Other poster sized possibilities are 200ppi (12.335in x 18.5in), 150ppi (16.447in x 24.667in), and 109ppi (22.633in x 33.945in).

*** Legal
To ensure you understand requirements for your uploaded images, your order's content and other service details, please review our FAQ Page for information and links to all Policies, Needs, Conditions, Terms and Assistance. Several "Quick Links" are provided directly below.

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